Course Outline


Aim : The aims of Thai Language course for foreign officers are to build skills and knowledge for foreign students who have little or no background in Thai Language, attending their target courses in Thailand. It’s also important to familiarize all participating students in major aspects of Thai culture.

Description: The course is designed to prepare students linguistically and culturally for entry their target courses. This course will provide basic and intermediate Thai language skills training. It will also serve to prompt cross cultural ties between our countries.

Typically, graduates from this course will attend one of the Thai Defense Forces’ Command and Staff Colleges. This course is run for six-month duration, annually. Students are expected to complete an intermediate level Thai language course. This can ensure that the maximum benefie required level for participation in the target courses.


Course Outline  
1. Basic Listening and Speaking 136  hours
2. Intermediate Listening and Speaking 154  hours
3. Basic Reading and Writing 140  hours
4. Intermediate Reading and Writing 150  hours
5. Culture 40  hours
6. Study Visit  and Supplementary Exercises 6  trips