Students Officers ' Guide


1. Military Courtesies : Since RTAF Language Center is a military school, we require you to abide by normal Thai military customs and courtesies. They are :

  • Military Uniforms : You are required to wear your correct uniform to class and to all school day events unless notified by your course director or instructor. Your military hat or cap is part of your uniform, and it will be worn outside the buildings. We also require you to remove your hat while inside any buildings.
  • Saluting : The guidelines for saluting are : non-commissioned officers must salute officers, junior officers must salute senior ranking officers. The senior person is required to return the salute. The policy is in effect at all times for all students.
  • National Anthem : Every morning at 0800 and afternoon at 1800, the National Anthem will be played throughout the base. It is our custom to stop our activities, turn toward the music and salute or stand at attention until the music stops.

2. Smoking: Smoking is allowed only in designated areas on all military bases. If you wish to smoke, you will have to smoke outside the building or in a designated area where smoking facilities are provided. If you are not sure, it is best to ask to avoid possible embarrassment.

3. Library: The Language Center library operating hours are from Monday to Friday 1200-1400.

4. Messes: All officers take their meals in the Officers Mess. Non-commissioned Officers eat in the NCO Mess. Drinks are also available in the Language Center common room.

5. There are many facilities on RTAF base that you may use:

a. Base Exchange and Commissary: They are in the same building which is located on the other side of the base. They are open from 1000 -1900 Monday through Sunday.

b. NCO Club and Officers Club: Both clubs have a restaurant. They are on a residential area.

c. Golf courses : There are 2 air force golf clubs , one is at Thupatemi Golf Course and the other one is at Kantarat Golf Course.

d. Public Gardens : There are 2 public gardens for exercising, both of them located on a residential area. One is next to an accommodation building.

e. RTAF Library : Located between Directorate of Education and Training Headquarters and Senior Officers College buildings. The operating hours are 0730 - 1700 Monday through Friday.

f. Air Force Museum : This museum offers a historical view of the Royal Thai Air Force.

g. Bhumibol Aduiyadej Hospital : It is located on the other side of the base on Paholyothin Road. Doctors’ hours are from 0800-1200 Monday through Friday.

h. Banks : There are 2 Thai Military Banks on base , one is in front of the Hospital, and the other is next to the Headquarters’ Mess Hall. The operating hours are 0900-1500 Monday through Friday.

i. Post offices : There are 2 post offices on base , one is next to the Headquarters’ Mess Hall, and the other is next to the IT shop. They are open from 0850-1530 Monday through Friday.