Useful Links for Learning Thai Language


1. WomenlearnThai Free Thai Language Learning Resources
2. Thai Lessons online (basic dialogues with audio files)
3. Sriwitthayapaknam You can practice reading, writing, listening, and pronouncing
Thai alphabets and vowels (quizes are available)
4. Thai Language Wiki  Thai lessons
5. Learn Thai Online Basic Conversation (15 themes) with audio and illustrations
6. Longdo Dictionary online to look up the meaning of the words when you read news. (Thai-English, English-Thai)
7. Dailynews Practice your reading and vocab with online Thai newspaper
8. Thairath Practice your reading and vocab with online Thai newspaper
9. The RoyalInstitute Coinages (Thai-English, English-Thai Terminologies)
10. Youtube Just type Learn Thai and you will find lots of interesting learning Thai videoclips
 11. Learn vocabulary in news from Voice of America in Thai
12. learn2speakthai Learn Thai Proverbs
13. Free downloadable books to practice reading Thai
14. 34 lessons with audio files
15. Learn Thai Online Chat in Thai



Useful Links for Learning Everything about Thailand  


1. Tourism Authority of Thailand (English version) Choose your variety of English by clicking on the words Language: English at the top of the web page.
Tourism Authority of Thailand (Thai Version)
2. DiscoverThailand Travel guide and tips including Dos and Don'ts in Thailand
3. Things to do in Bangkok


Google Map Show directions and buses to your destinations in Thailand You can choose the icon ‘ขอเส้นทาง’ to ask for direction. Then click on the bus icon to get the bus information.
5. ThaiStreetFood
6. EnjoyThaiFood
7. ForumAboutThaiFood
8. ThaiMusic
9. ThaiTVonline
 10.  ThaiRadioonline